Starting 1 June 2019


Create a maximum of 10 cohesive smartphone photographs over a 3-month period.

SUBJECT: “Treasure”

SLOGAN: “Not all treasure is silver and gold”

LEADING QUESTION: How do you define treasure in your culture? The artwork should be inspired by the challenge subject, slogan and leading question and is open to interpretation by each artist. The participating artists will be added to the “Treasure” challenge group on WeChat. They will be encouraged to share and engage in discussion about their challenge artwork on an ongoing basis from June to September. Further thoughts on “Treasure” The idea of culture can take many forms. It can be something that is valued through personal or collective experience. Johan Huizingas said, “If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it.” We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with imagery. Smartphone technology has allowed us to instantaneously create a culture through photography and digital media. Shenzhen is generally known as a hub for technology, so this is very evident in our immediate experience where we reside. How do you define treasure in your culture?