Raymond LI

Watercolour Artist In Residence

The Artist in Residence Programme aims to give students an authentic experience of interacting with an artist. By experiencing working with visiting artists, students gain a greater insight into the different ways artists use materials to express themselves. They can watch the development of artworks and the artistic process in real-time. Not all artists work in the same way, and observing different artists allows students to gain a much broader understanding of the various avenues art-making can take. We believe these experiences bring feelings of well-being and promote living in the present.


Working directly with an artist can reveal the process of creating art and help students experiment with their creativity and gain confidence in expressing themselves. It also gives students an insight into the professional art world and demonstrates the continuum from art made in the classroom to professional practice. 


Last week, Raymond Li, a local watercolour portrait artist, conducted workshops for grade 8, 9 and 10 students. For the grade 8’s art classes he demonstrated some basic skills in Procreate as an introduction to the grade 8 Portraiture Unit. Digital Art has recently been introduced into the Middle School Art programme to offer more variety and align with current market trends. The grade 8’s thoroughly enjoyed learning how to draw and tone portraits on Procreate and have developed their Digital Art skills. 


Raymond also gave fascinating talks and demonstrations in watercolour painting for the grade 9 and 10 students. His simple, gestural watercolour paintings capture the essence of the moment or the person exquisitely. Raymond’s passion for art and his energy was contagious. His demonstrations energised the High School students, who responded with spontaneous clapping as he ended his workshops. The feedback from the students was incredibly positive, and we thoroughly enjoyed having Raymond share his talent and passion with us.  


When not in the classroom, Raymond was out and about sketching and painting students at play and in class, and his fast, expressive style has captured the essence of our school community beautifully. We look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with Raymond and other Singaporean artists.