Our Story

Co-founder of the Singapore International Artist Collective in collaboration with Jen Rogan 


We are a not-for-profit arts-based collective of international artists based in Singapore aiming to build a community of artists who connect, create and collaborate through art.

SiAC is designed to encourage the deliberate practice of creative behaviours. We hope to build a community of artists and strengthen the artistic expression of each participant through collaboration.

We welcome artists that are on all paths, including those that have just begun their artistic journey and those with weathered shoes.


Get involved, come participate in one of our artist meet-ups,  join our artistic challenges or propose a creative venture of your own.

Our monthly meetups are:

  • Figure Drawing

  • Sketchbook Circle

Upcoming Challenges:

  • Found Face

  • Inktober

  • Juxtaposition - International Challenge with ISZAF

Upcoming Meetups:

  • Hawker Draw

  • Friendly Feedback Fridays

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Artist Meetups and Challenges 

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