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As a creative educator, I coach others to nurture their creative self-efficacy and discover their purpose to thrive in a complex future. I believe concept-based and inclusive education is a moral imperative for dynamic and equitable societies.


I marshall and guide unique learning paths, using the head, hands and heart as powerful tools of connection to the world around them and the talents within them. I intentionally craft and curate psychologically safe spaces where learners harness their inner and collective consciousness.


I create safe spaces by co-regulating habits and skills through micro-moments and feedback loops that build up to become circular experiences; cultivating creative and wellbeing dispositions.


I consciously invest in humanity by developing human capacities to create fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens to better our future.

I find my happy place in the water. I find flow making art. I am a printmaker by heart, but I love to illustrate using digital media. I geek out with new technologies that improve art-making and creative processes.


If I am not in the studio finding my groove, I am flourishing in the kitchen tinkering with new recipes. I strongly believe that food is a performative tool that creates a sense of belonging, as it engages all five senses. 


I have a smile that can light up a room.